The best things to do in Surbiton with kids

5 children having fun standing against a wall getting ready to throw some colourful balls.

Surbiton is one of London’s many suburban neighbourhoods, and is well known for the family-friendly nature of its local activities. Surbiton boasts a natural beauty, with parks, gardens and more for you and your kids to explore. Its proximity to London cannot be ignored either, with Surbiton easy to reach for many in London and the surrounding area.

There are plenty of exciting and inspiring attractions and activities in Surbiton that cater specifically to children and their parents. In this article, we explore several locations to help you keep your kids entertained through half-term, Easter and Summer holidays.


Summer Holiday Activities for Kids in Surbiton

Below you’ll find a list of exciting ways to spend the summer holidays in Surbiton with your children. These activities take advantage of the warmer weather and later sunsets, so you can make the most of the day.

Claremont Gardens - 4 Stars On Tripadvisor

Claremont Gardens is a stunning location at the heart of Surbiton. These gardens provide plenty for kids to enjoy and engage with, whether it’s keeping an eye out for local wildlife, or enjoying the creepy crawlies in the bug hotel!

Kids and parents both can enjoy a leisurely walk around the gardens before sitting down at the local café for a drink.


While a relatively small green space, Claremont Gardens is only a 5-minute walk away from Surbiton station.

This proximity to the station makes Claremont Gardens a great stop-off point, making it easy for parents and children to visit their favourite local shops.

This small space is not to be confused with the much bigger Claremont Landscape Garden, which is a 20-minute drive away in Esher to the southwest.

Berrylands Nature Reserve - 4.5 on Tripadvisor

The Berrylands Nature Reserve is the ideal spot for young nature lovers.

This community green space hosts a range of different habitats for plants and animals to explore, which means your kids will have plenty to look at across its 5 hectares of land.

Berrylands Festival

One of the best summer holiday activities in Surbiton, The Berrylands Festival is a fete-style event where kids can enjoy bouncy castles, crazy golf, coconut shies, and much more.

This event only runs once a year, so be sure to pay it a visit when you can.

Berrylands Habitats

Within its variety of habitats, children will enjoy looking out for horns, egrets, and kingfishers in the stream, alongside minnows and sticklebacks. The stream is also a great place for bat spotting for families out in the evening.

As well as a stream, a wildlife pond is also available for quietly sitting by and enjoying on a warm day. Kids can look out for dragonflies and damselflies, alongside frogs, newts, toads, and more.

In the woodlands, families can explore and look out for a range of trees, which also hide birds like woodpeckers and thrushes.

Finally, the grassland area is perfect for walking with pets, and for letting children run around and burn off some energy.


Families who enjoy nature may wish to take part in conservation efforts at Berrylands. This is a great summer activity in particular, where parents and children alike can enjoy working in the outdoors and learning about wildlife conservation


To reach the Berrylands Nature Reserve, families will need to make a 14-minute walk from the Berrylands train station, which is the next stop from Surbiton station.


Victoria Recreation Ground - 5 on Tripadvisor

The Victoria Recreation Ground is the perfect summer spot for children to enjoy some outdoor time with their friends and family.

Play Football on the pitch

For sports-loving kids, the football pitch is an excellent space to exercise while enjoying some team-based activities. There is plenty of space around the pitch too, so other outdoor activities can be enjoyed here.

Enjoy the play park

The play park at the Victoria Recreation Ground suits children of any age, with exciting park equipment available to all. Seating is also available nearby, so parents can keep an eye on their kids while enjoying a sit-down.


For families travelling by train, the Victoria Recreation Ground is an easy 13-minute walk from the Surbiton Train Station.

Surbiton Raceway - 4.6 on Google

The Surbiton Raceway provides high-octane fun for kids aged 4 years and older. This is a superb summer activity, ideal for a summer’s day.

Bambino Track (Ages 4 years and older)

The Bambino track is perfect for very young children aged 4 and upwards. The electric karts available here are much more restricted, and allow kids to enjoy racing around the track with their friends.

The Surbiton Raceway Cadet Track (Ages 8 years and older)

The Cadet Track is ideal for children aged 8 and upwards, and introduces them to track driving in two 15-minute sessions. Kids will be fully kitted out in safety gear and have exclusive access to the track, so they can get to grips with being behind the wheel.

Children’s Main Track Parties (Ages 12 years and older)

For older children aged 12 years and older, the Main Track is ideal, and allows them to enjoy a race around the track with equipment more suited to their age.


The Surbiton is a short 12-minute drive away from Surbiton Station, or a 24-minute walk away from Tolworth Station.

Fishponds Park - 5 Stars on Tripadvisor

Fishponds Municipal Park in Surbiton is another great space for nature-loving kids, with two ponds, woodland spaces, meadows, and even a community orchard and garden.

Within the park, families will enjoy spotting a range of animals, from ducks and pond life in the daytime, to bats and other nocturnal creatures in the evening.


Fishponds Park hosts a number of events to keep local families engaged. These include evening bat walks, ‘action days’, where teams come together to keep up conservation efforts, and more.


Fishponds Park is a leisurely 17-minute walk from Surbiton Station, and is well situated with the Alexandra Recreation Ground across the road. Ideal for a runaround or walk out with the pets.

Easter and Half-Term Holiday Activities for Kids in Surbiton

Alongside its many outdoor activities, Surbiton offers Easter holiday activities to keep the kids entertained. Overcast and rainy day activities are also included below.

The Easter Market

The Surbiton Farmers’ Market hosts an annual Easter Market that families will adore.

The Easter Hunt

At the Surbiton Easter Market, the entire market is free for the children to run around in, and they can take part in a fun Easter hunt.

Bunny Biscuit Decorating

Kids will love getting creative with the Bunny Biscuit Decorating. Biscuit decorating is a favourite activity for children, and a great way to introduce them to baking.

Easter Crafts

For crafty kids, the Easter Crafts offers kids a range of crafting activities to keep them busy. Parents can take home their kid’s creations, and save them as a memory of the day.


Families travelling by rail will find the Surbiton Farmer’s Market is only a 7-minute walk from Surbiton Station.

The Harts Boatyard - 4.3 on Google

For a fun Easter day out, be sure to take your children to The Harts Boatyard.

Easter fun

Each year at The Harts Boatyard, families can enjoy an Easter egg hunt that’ll keep the kids entertained while the parents enjoy a catch-up. Alongside the egg hunt, families can treat their children to a range of meals off of the Children’s Menu, where chocolate treats can add to the Easter fun.


For visitors to Surbiton by train, The Harts Boatyard is only a 12-minute walk from Surbiton station. Perfect for working up an appetite.

St Andrew & St Mark Church

As well as religious services, the St Andrew & St Mark Church provides a great space for Easter-themed activities.

The Easter Day Egg Hunt

Young families and children are invited to the St Andrew & St Mark Easter Day Family Service, where kids will be able to enjoy an Easter egg hunt.

This is a great way to keep the kids enjoying the day while catching up with friends and family. Families can easily walk around the corner to St Andrews, where space is available for other outdoor activities.


The Church is an easy 5-minute walk away from Surbiton station, so even on a rainy Easter day, you won’t spend too much time outdoors.

Laser Quest & VR Centre - 4.3 on Google

Ideal for kids' parties and rainy days. The Laser Quest and VR Centre offers fun-filled indoor activities for children from age 6 and upwards, where they can cut loose and burn energy while enjoying gentle competition with their friends.

Laser Quest

Laser Quest is a great way to introduce kids to wider team-based activities, while giving them the freedom to run around and spend time with their friends. Not only is Laser Quest a lot of fun, it can be a great team-building exercise for kids and adults alike.

VR Ride

The Laser Quest and VR Centre is also home to an amazing 4-person VR experience. Within this experience, families can pick between travelling through an aqua park, jet-packing through a VR town, riding a thrilling VR rollercoaster, and much more.

Kids taking part in these rides will be inspired, entertained, and may even learn a thing or two. As such, this is a great way to spend an afternoon during half-term, or over the Easter or Summer holidays.

Parents should be aware that the minimum age for these rides is 7.


This Kingston-based venue is open for birthday party bookings, or just an afternoon out. It’s easy to get to as well, with a 30-minute walk from Surbiton station, or a 6-minute drive from the station.

Surbiton Library - 4.8 on Google

Libraries are often designed to keep children of all ages entertained, and Surbiton Library is no different.

Get your kids into reading

There’s no better place than the library to get your children into reading! Surbiton Library has a host of age-appropriate books for children, so they can pick and choose their favourites.

Introducing children to the Internet

Computers are also available to families at the Surbiton Library. As library computers tend to have safeguarding settings switched on, they can provide a great place for children to learn how to surf the web safely.

We would always recommend that parents watch their children when searching the internet.


Surbiton Library is only a 7-minute walk from Surbiton Station, which makes it ideal to get to on an overcast afternoon during the half-term or Easter.

White Spider Climbing - 4.5 on Tripadvisor

White Spider Climbing is an exciting, Surbiton-based bouldering wall and climbing centre. This space is perfect for indoor activities on a rainy day while the kids are on half-term. Expect lots of new experiences, as well as some great exercise.

Kids Climbing Sessions

There are a number of climbing sessions available for younger children, with Casual Creepy Crawly sessions for children ages 5 to 6, and Casual Arachnid sessions for children 7-12.

In these sessions, kids can enjoy roped climbing and bouldering. They’ll also learn basic climbing skills, and play some climbing games.

All bookings come with safety equipment and instructions, so you can rest assured that your child will feel secure while taking part.

Older Climbing Sessions

Climbing sessions are also available for teenagers aged between 13-17.

These sessions include everything you’d find in the younger kids' sessions, with the addition of 13-17-year-olds learning to belay, alongside other climbing movements.


White Spider climbing is a bit of a walk away from Surbiton Station, but families will find the 16-minute walk from Tolworth Station to be straightforward. Driving is also an option, with parking available outside the climbing wall.

Holiday Activity Camps for ages 4-14 in Surbiton

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