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We understand that you will have lots of questions about our Camps, your child’s welfare and a host of other details, so at the bottom of this page are answers to the questions we are frequently asked.  

If you have other questions please get in contact with us via email or call 0330 111 7077 (local rate). For peace of mind, we offer our moneyback Ultimate Guarantee to ensure your child is happy on our camps - see the FAQ's below for more details.

How to book:

  • Online: visit the Location pages to start the booking process
  • Phone: 0330 111 7077 (local rate) please leave a message outside normal office hours

Booking with Ultimate Activity Camps is simple. You can book by the day, week or both to give you complete flexibility around your holiday needs. Once you’ve chosen the most convenient location, just select the dates you need on our easy online booking system and then pay by childcare vouchers or credit/debit card.

You’ll also have the opportunity to add extras such as Ultimate Protection Plan and Extended Day Passes to your booking.

Booking and Paying

How can I book?

Booking is easy! You can book online through our website or over the phone by calling us on 0330 111 7077 (local rate). Our friendly customer services team will be more than happy to help you through your booking.

How and when do I pay?

We accept credit/debit cards and childcare vouchers - not American Express though. For your security we use '3D Secure' for online card payments. If you book during an offer, we require full payment at the time of booking. If paying with childcare vouchers, the payment needs to clear in our bank account before the end of the offers. (See below for more on childcare vouchers). Outside of offers, the full amount (card or childcare voucher payment) for all bookings must be paid at the time of booking. See our terms and conditions online for full details.

Can I use childcare vouchers to pay for my booking?

Yes, you can use childcare vouchers to pay for some or all of your Ultimate Activity Camp booking. If you are booking online, just enter the amount that you would like to pay for using childcare vouchers and who your provider is. See our Childcare page for information about the providers we currently work with, but call us if your provider is not there as we should be able to add it. You’ll need to contact your childcare voucher provider to get the payment sent to us - please ask them to put your booking ID as a reference. Please call us 0330 111 7077 (local rate) if you need help.Click here for Childcare Voucher details.

If you are booking within 5 days of the camp date required, you may be asked to secure the booking with a card payment. If you have paid some or all of your booking by card but want to pay with Childcare vouchers, you can do this up until 1 week after the last day of the holiday season you have booked, we will then refund your card accordingly and send you a confirmation email.

What’s your Ultimate Guarantee?

We’re so confident that children coming on Camp for the first time will have an amazing time that we offer our free Ultimate Guarantee. We want children to leave Camp happy and inspired, but if after their first day your child is unhappy with an aspect of how we have delivered camp, let us know and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure the second day is great. If it’s not, we’ll give you a full refund for any remaining days booked.

What if I need to change my booking dates?

We know plans change so you can change booking dates for FREE up to 14 days before your Ultimate Activity Camp booking - as long as it’s within the current season and there’s availability. Changes made less than 14 days prior to the date you would like to change, will incur a £10 administration fee. If you have booked a full week then we can only move the booking as a full week, unless you are happy to pay the difference in price to split into days. You can cancel a booking or part of a booking up to 14 days before the first date of your booking - we will refund all monies paid minus a 35% of the dates you wish to cancel. If cancellation is less than 14 days before the first date of the booking, unfortunately we are unable to refund any monies.

What’s Ultimate Protection Plan (UPP)?

We know that illness and injury are common for children, so we offer the optional Ultimate Protection Plan which means we can refund you for any days missed due to illness, or move your child to new dates in the season if they’re available. We cannot offer refunds for missed days due to child or parent illness unless you take the optional Ultimate Protection Plan (UPP) for the day missed. At only £2.50 per child per day, UPP should be selected at the time of booking or up to 14 days before the first date of your Camp booking. In the event of a claim, all we need is a doctor’s note within 14 days of the illness date (for illnesses greater than 2 days). See our terms and conditions for more information about UPP.

About our Camps

What time can I drop off and collect my child?

Our normal drop off time is between 8:30 and 9:30am and collection is between 4:30 and 5:15pm. However, we offer an optional Extended Day Pass (EDP) where parents can drop off from 8:00am and collect until 6pm. EDP’s cost £7 per day (includes am and pm extended day) and can be added up to 24 hours in advance. Children with an EDP will enjoy supervised activities to keep them happy and entertained.

Can my child sign themselves in/out of camp?

Yes, children aged 11 years old and over can sign themselves in and out of camp. Parents must scan and post or email a letter with a handwritten signature to grant permission for their child to sign themselves in/out of camp to help@ultimateactivity.co.uk. The letter must include the child’s name, parent’s name, contact details, the time the child is expected to arrive on camp in the morning, the time the child should be signed out and released from camp, which camp location the child is attending and the dates the child is attending the camp. Parents must contact Ultimate Activity Camps on 0330 111 7077 (local rate) if the child has not returned home by the time expected.

Are Ultimate Activity Camps Ofsted registered?

Yes, all our Camps will be Ofsted-registered to ensure we meet National Childcare Regulations. Ofsted review and approve our operating policies and procedures for child safeguarding, staff recruitment and Camp facilities.

What age does my child have to be?

Ultimate Activity Camps are for children aged 4 to 14 years. The Ultimate Activity Camps programme is tailored to each age group and children are also grouped by age to ensure they get the appropriate level of instruction and care, and make new friends of a similar age. At some locations we are unable to offer Camps for all age groups due to the location’s facilities – please check the location pages on our website for full details of Camp details.

Who are your staff?

Our staff are chosen for their experience, qualifications, attitude and passion for working with children. Our managers are either experienced coaches, managers or teachers and are selected for their leadership skills. Our Camp teams are comprised of Lifeguards, Sports Coaches, Art specialists and Early Years specialists to ensure we have the right balance of skills to provide the best quality instruction. All of our staff are selected through a rigorous recruitment process. We conduct Enhanced DBS checks and references on all our staff, and they are all put through our Ultimate training programme. All this means you can be confident that your child is in the best possible hands.

What if my child is nervous about attending Camp?

We know how daunting the first day at Camp can seem to a child, but usually within a short time they are settled, making new friends and raring to go! Our experienced staff know how to welcome new children and make them feel comfortable and confident within their group. Parents are welcome to call the Camp manager during the day to check on how your child is settling in.

What happens if it rains?

We know how unpredictable the British weather can be! We have a varied and exciting wet weather plan which minimises disruption to the timetable and means children keep having heaps of fun. Naturally, some activities including archery cannot take place indoors, but we will endeavour to re-timetable for later in the week.

What if I am late dropping off or collecting?

If you’re running late to collect your child, please call the office on 0330 111 7077 (local rate)as soon as possible so we can inform the Camp manager. We will give your child an Extended Day Pass (EDP) which you can pay for afterwards (£7) which gives you until 6pm to collect your child. If you are later than 6pm, we charge £7 for every fifteen minutes to cover the extra costs of having 2 members of staff staying late.

Can a friend or extended family member collect my child from camp?

Friends or family members that have been authorised by you to collect your child from camp are able to collect. We ask that all parents/ family members collecting children bring the unique booking ID number when collecting, in order to confirm that they are authorised to collect.

What if my child is ill or has an accident on Camp?

At Ultimate Activity Camps we do everything possible to minimise bumps and scrapes, but we have fully trained first aiders on Camp. In the event of a minor accident our staff will attend to your child as necessary. For anything beyond that you will be immediately informed, and in the unlikely event of a serious accident we will inform emergency services. If your child becomes ill on Camp, we will do everything we can to make them comfortable, however it may be in their best interest to be collected from Camp early as we do not have the capacity or facilities to care for poorly children for an extended period of time. We do require that any child who becomes ill on Camp be kept away from Camp for the full duration of their illness and 24 hours after the end of their symptoms.

What if my child has difficulty settling on Camp?

We understand that sending your child to Camp can seem like a daunting prospect, but we employ staff who are experienced at welcoming newcomers onto Camp. Most of the children will be coming on their own and will be looking to make friends, so you and your child are not alone! Each child will be assigned a group leader for the week who you can discuss any concerns with. You can contact the Camp Manager at any point during the day to check on how your child is doing.

What if my child is ill before Camp?

If your child is ill before Camp, please do not bring them to Camp until they are well and have been symptom-free for at least 24 hours. If you have taken out the Ultimate Protection Plan, please contact us to discuss refunds or re-scheduling the booking. Please note if a child does come to Camp unwell, we reserve the right to refuse entry to Camp as we have a duty of care to the other children on Camp not to expose them to potential illness or infection.

When can I find out the timetable of activities for the days that I've booked?

Due to late bookings, weather conditions and changing numbers of children on camp, timetables are confirmed a week beforehand however please note that these will not be published on our website. If you would like to view the timetable please get in touch and we will be happy to email you a copy for your child's group at camp. Our sample timetables are actual timetables from previous seasons and show the mix and type of activities children can expect.

Is lunch provided?

Children need to bring a packed lunch and drink bottle each day. Please be aware that children on camp may have nut allergies – please avoid nuts and nut products in your child’s packed lunch.


How many children will there be in each bubble?

This will depend on the age of your child and their group:
• Juniors (4-5 years): maximum of 16 children with two staff members
• Green (6-7 years): maximum of 14 children with one activity instructor
• Blue (8-9 years) and Red (10+): maximum of 15 children with one activity instructor

Can my children/siblings be placed in the same bubble?

Children will be grouped by age into our usual teams: Juniors (4-5 years), Green (6-7 years), Blue (8-9 years), and Red (10+). It is usually possible to group siblings together if applicable (within 18 months of age), but please note that some activities have a minimum age restriction due to our insurance policy, therefore we are only able to move 7 year olds up to the Blue group if they turn 8 on or before 31st August. We cannot move children who have not yet started Year 1 out of our Juniors Group due to Ofsted Regulations.

Friend requests should be made at the time of booking when entering your child’s details, or by calling 0330 111 7077 (standard rates apply) up to 14 days before camp starts. Due to the complex nature of camp groupings, we cannot always guarantee to meet friend requests, but will certainly do our best. Please do contact our Customer Support Team on 0330 111 7077 if you have any questions regarding grouping.

Which activities will be taking place?

We are thrilled to be able to include so many of our fantastic activities on this half term’s timetable. Our team have been busy risk assessing our activity list and making all the necessary adaptions to ensure that everything scheduled will be ‘Covid Secure’.
We’ve added some measures such as extra handwashing and cleaning, social distancing practices, and we’ve also made some alterations to our session plans, but the good news is that we are confident we can still offer an exciting range of activities.

We are hoping to run as many of our especially popular activities (such as Combat Archery, Fencing, Ultimate Inflatables, and Archery) as possible, but possibly in a slightly reduced capacity to allow thorough cleaning and 72 hours rest between usage of equipment.

What about swimming?

We are preparing to run swimming at some sites, and will be following the Swim England’s “COVID Guidance for School Swimming Lessons”. At the moment, this means that swimming will be at a reduced capacity (please see our Protective Measures above for further details), but is of course subject to change as or when the guidance is updated.

Children will be asked to adhere to stricter social distancing measures in changing rooms and will be encouraged to use the facilities as quickly as possible. Changing rooms will be thoroughly cleaned between use and so on most sites where swimming is permitted it may only be timetabled once a week per group.

What happens if you cancel the camp due to a local lockdown?

In the event of a whole camp cancellation due to a local lockdown, you will be entitled to a full refund or credit for any days missed.

Arriving at camp:

What should my child wear to camp?

As usual, clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for a variety of activities (including sports). We would encourage you to wash your child(ren)’s clothes more regularly and to send your child(ren) to camp wearing different/clean clothes every day wherever possible on consecutive days.

Which personal belongings can my child bring?

You should limit the number of items your child brings to camp with them this season. The only items needed are:
• A healthy packed lunch and refillable water bottle
• Indoor shoes (if applicable)
• A coat
• Swimming kit (if applicable)
• Medication (if applicable)
Coats and bags will be kept together by bubble and group zone, and additional items such as books, toys, games, and gadgets should not be brought to camp.
If you have a specific query relating to an item you think your child may need outside of this, please do contact out Customer Support Team.

Do children and staff have to wear masks?

Public Health England (PHE) does not recommend the use of facemasks in our setting as children and staff are mixing in consistent groups, and the misuse of face coverings may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission. If children or staff arrive on camp wearing a facemask, and they wish to wear it throughout the day, this will be permitted providing the correct procedures are followed (these will be on display at the entrance). We will be providing staff with visors for sign in and sign out so that children will still be welcomed on to camp with a friendly smile, and will be encouraging parents/guardians to, where possible, wear a face covering during these times.

Will all children be dropped off at the same time and place?

As we have a flexible morning drop off time-frame, we will not be implementing a staggered arrival system. Our camp locations which usually have a separate sign-in area for Juniors will continue to do so.
Social distancing markers and one-way systems will be in place, and our contactless system will mean that staff will sign in on behalf of parents. Any medical/anaphylaxis forms will be sent out beforehand (please look out for these in your 7-day reminder email) and these should be brought in on the first day of camp to minimise the time spent at sign-in.

Will my child’s temperature be tested upon arrival?

Temperature checks will take place on arrival at camp for all children and staff members.
No child should come to camp if they have symptoms of COVID-19. Furthermore, your child should not attend camp if they have had contact with someone who has tested positive or shown symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to camp.

During camp:

What happens if my child is displaying symptoms of the virus?

It is your duty to be vigilant for symptoms in your child(ren), and go for a test as soon as possible if you identify any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus.

What happens if my child or somebody from my household tests positive for the virus?

If your child or somebody from your household tests positive for the Coronavirus, you must inform us immediately so that the local Public Health team can work with us to establish who the ‘close contacts’ are. PHE (NHS Track & Trace) will then take the lead in contacting anybody concerned, asking them to isolate for 14 days. Whoever has tested positive will need to self-isolate for 10 days, and the rest of their household for 14 days.

How long must my child stay away from camp if they have symptoms or have tested positive?

If a child has symptoms of or has tested positive for Coronavirus either during the 10 days prior to attending camp or while attending camp, they should not attend camp and should isolate following the government guidelines. The individual should then continue to self-isolate for at least 10 days from the onset of their symptoms. Any child who tests positive during this period will not be able to attend camp.
If your child has presented symptoms or been asked to self-isolate, the remaining days of their booking will be placed on credit for use within 12 months.

What happens if somebody in my child’s bubble tests positive? Can I still bring their sibling to camp?

If somebody in your child’s bubble tests positive, you will be asked to refrain from attending camp until PHE have informed anybody considered to be a ‘close contact’.
NHS Track & Trace may advise that if you or your child has been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for Coronavirus to isolate for 14 days from the day that they were last in contact with that person.
People who live in the same household or are part of the same support bubble do not need to isolate so long as the individual who has been asked to isolate does not have any symptoms.

What happens if we are contacted through the Track & Trace process and must self-isolate?

If you have been contacted through the Track & Trace system and asked to self-isolate, then you must do so and not attend camp.

Any remaining days of camp on your booking will be placed as a credit note to use in the next 12 months.

What happens if my child has a cold?

If your child is displaying symptoms of a regular cold, then you should use your judgement as to whether to send them to camp or not. If your child is displaying specific symptoms of the Coronavirus, then they must stay at home and go for testing as soon as possible.

After Camp:

What should I do if my child leaves something behind on camp?

If you become aware that your child has left something behind at the end of the day, this should be communicated to us as soon as possible and we will do our best to locate and return any lost items. Anything left at the end of camp will be returned to our Head Office and left for a minimum of 72 hours. You will then be able to follow the usual process of contacting our Customer Support Team and we will do our best to get the items back to you.

Grouping Children on Camp

How many children are there on a camp?

This depends on the location and facilities, and what rainy day options are available that are equally as exciting and fun as fair weather options. Typically we aim for around 24 children for every 2 year age group - e.g. 24 x 4-5 year olds, 24 x 6-7 year olds, etc.

What are your staff to child ratios?

Our overall child to staff ratios on Camp will be 1:8 or better. Below are the usual child to staff ratios in the group activities:

- 4-5 year olds 1:8
- 6-7 year olds 1:14
- 8-14 year olds 1:16

Will my child be grouped with children of a similar age?

Each week, all children on camp are divided into groups of children of a similar age to ensure they get the appropriate level of instruction and care, and can make new friends.
Please note that although at most camps we cater for children aged 4 to 14, we cannot guarantee that there will be children of every age in attendance each day. If you would like to check the age breakdown of a specific group closer to the start of camp (particularly if your child is at the youngest or oldest end of the range), please get in touch with our Customer Support Team.

Can my child go in the same group as their friend or sibling?

Yes, as long as they’re about the same age as each other – usually within 18 months. Please note that some activities have a minimum age restriction due to our Insurance Policy, therefore we are only able to move 7 year olds up to the 8-9 years ‘Blue’ group if they will turn 8 on or before 31st August. We cannot move children who have not yet started Year 1 in school out of our Juniors Group due to Ofsted Regulations. If you have a specific request that falls outside of these arrangements, please contact us to discuss it further.
Friend requests should be made at the time of booking, or up to 14 days before Camp starts. Parents can add Friend Requests at the time of booking or by calling 0330 111 7077 (standard rates apply) once you've made a booking. Due to the complex nature of Camp groupings, we cannot always guarantee friend requests, but we’ll do our best!
Please note we group based on the age spread of children so please do not assume that children will be grouped together if they are the same age of school year.

Camp Activities

Which activities are included in the price?

All timetable activities are included in the price, so you know your child will be able to try every activity scheduled to run each day. The full range of activities we offer is so extensive that one day just isn’t long enough to run all of them every day but most of them will be offered through the course of a week. We do occasionally have to change an activity from a timetable due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, but we’ll try to re-timetable them as soon as possible.

Are all activities available at every location?

Activities available depend on specific location facilities. Please see the location pages for more detail.

When can I find out the timetable of activities for the days that I’ve booked?

Due to late bookings, weather conditions and changing numbers of children on camp, timetables are confirmed a week beforehand however please note that these will not be published on our website. If you would like to view the timetable please get in touch and we will be happy to email you a copy for your child's group at camp. Our sample timetables are actual timetables from previous seasons and show the mix and type of activities children can expect.

How often will my child swim?

If the location has swimming facilities available, we aim to run swimming sessions for each age group at least twice a week.

What does the swimming session consist of?

The swimming activity is a structured session. To start with, children will undergo a short assessment with the lifeguard to assess their swimming abilities. This consists of a swim across the width of the pool; children may use armbands or floats, which are provided. If the children have any swimming aid that they particularly like to use, they can of course bring this along with them.
The instructor coaches the children through working on skills and enjoying games together. There are always at least two members of staff during a swimming session – one of whom is a fully-trained lifeguard. For children under the age of 8, we will have one instructor in the pool and one on poolside, along with the lifeguard.

What to Bring

What should my child wear?

Children should come to Camp ready for an active day. We recommend comfortable, sporty clothes (i.e. tracksuit bottoms and trainers) and a sweatshirt/jacket for outdoor activities. We cannot be responsible for damage to any clothes so please do not send children in their best. We require children to be in long sleeves and trousers with covered toe shoes for motor quads. Please ensure clothing is clearly labelled in case any items should be mislaid.

What should my child bring?

- Children should bring a healthy packed lunch with morning and afternoon snacks especially if you are dropping your child off early or picking them up late, this should include an ice block as we do not have facilities to refrigerate food. Please be aware that children on camp may have nut allergies – please avoid nuts and nut products in your child’s packed lunch.

- Refillable water bottle that the children can take out with them throughout the day (we supply drinking water for them to fill their bottles).

- Where swimming is available, bring swimming kit (including a towel) every day in case swimming is timetabled for your child. We will supply all swimming aids, (armbands and floats), however if your child has specific swimming aids that they are used to they are welcome to bring those with them – clearly marked with their name.

- Please also pack sun cream for your child, preferably applying it before they arrive on Camp, although we cannot apply sun cream directly to your child, we will remind them throughout the day to re-apply. We also recommend bringing a cap or sunhat during hot weather.

- In order to help us return lost property please ensure everything is named where possible.

What shouldn't my child bring?

- Money is not required on Camp

- Please do not bring portable electronic devices (e.g. Mobile Phones, iPods, Nintendo DS, etc.). They will not be needed on Camp and we cannot be held responsible for anything going missing or being damaged.

Specific Needs

What if my child needs extra help?

We aim to be as inclusive as possible with an ‘open to all children’ policy. If your child requires extra support, please email or call us to discuss your child’s specific needs on Camp so we can ensure they are able to fit into the Camp programme and whether any special arrangements need to be made. Although we cannot provide additional staff for any children, we are happy to allow a child’s carer on Camp subject to standard DBS checks, as long as this doesn’t affect the enjoyment and participation of other children in the group. We may also be able to help find suitable additional 121 support staff - please note we need 6 weeks advance notice to do this.

What if my child has a medical condition?

At the time of booking, please give us as much information regarding medical conditions and medication as possible in order for us to appropriately care for your child during their time on Camp. We may require you to fill out additional information prior to Camp, but we will send these out with your confirmation email. All information you provide at the time of booking will be with our staff on Camp by the time you arrive for your first day. Please note we will only administer medication that is prescribed for that child by a health professional.
Please note all prescribed medication must be in date.

What if my child uses an Epi-Pen?

If you require your child to have an Epi-Pen on Camp, we will ask you to complete an additional information form about the allergy upon arrival. Although we have qualified first aiders on Camp, in accordance with Ofsted guidelines, on your first morning we will ask that a medical professional (or you if a medical professional is unavailable) demonstrate the use of the Epi-pen to our Camp Manager, your child’s group leader and our first aider so that both our staff and you are completely comfortable before your child’s first day.
Please note all prescribed medication must be in date.

Ultimate Survival

Is lunch provided?

Children need to bring a packed lunch and drink bottle each day. For children attending the sleepover on Thursday night, they will be provided with breakfast and a packed lunch (plus drinks) on Friday. Please be aware that children on camp may have nut allergies – please avoid nuts and nut products in your child’s packed lunch.

What if it rains?

Our courses run rain or shine. Our safari-style camps include a large yurt, so that activities can take place under canvas, although good waterproofs mean that activities can take place outside.

Does my child have to attend the sleepover?

No, it is totally up to you and your child, but we recommend it as it’s a great fun!

What are the arrangements for the sleepover?

All of the children will have an opportunity to sleep over on our Ultimate Survival Camps. Everyone will have the choice to spend the night in either, our provided Bell Tents or their self-erected shelters (weather dependent & optional), with lanterns and glow sticks lighting the camp. Each tent will sleep up to 10 children, with boys and girls sleeping in separate tents. Camp games and entertainment will be prevalent throughout, providing an ultimate & adventurous experience for all. We will provide an evening meal, snacks, hot chocolate and marshmallows, as well as a full breakfast and lunch for the next day. School provided toilet facilities will be accessible throughout the stay. There will be at least 1 member of staff per 10 children, with a minimum of 3 members of staff on camp.

What about night time and morning arrangements?

Toilets are available through the night, and the school changing rooms are available for washing. A hearty breakfast will be provided too.

What to bring?

Please ensure your child is dressed in scruffy outdoor clothes, with good outdoor shoes, and comes with a waterproof in their bag. Weather dependent, they could also wear either a sun hat or woolly hat, and bring sun cream. For the sleepover, children need to bring a sleeping bag, roll mat, torch, warm sleeping clothes, a change of clothes for the next day, and a wash bag.

Will the Camp Out be cancelled?

For Camp Outs to run, we need a minimum of 10 children to make it a fun experience for everyone. Children sleep in shelters or tents with their own gender, and for safety reasons, we need a minimum of 3 per gender. On the rare occasion that we have enough of one gender, but not of the other, the camp out will go ahead as long as we have either 10 boys or 10 girls in total.
On Tuesday each week, we also assess the weather forecast for the coming Thursday night, and if there is any risk of lightning, heavy/persistent rain, high winds or extreme heat, then we may decide to cancel the Camp Out on safety grounds. In any event of cancellation, we will notify you as soon as possible and provide a full refund for the Camp Out.