The best things to do in Woking with kids

5 children having fun with a multicoloured parachute.

Surrey is well known for its popular and stunning towns, and Woking is no different. It boasts a range of exciting activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. Families will also enjoy several outdoor spaces for those warm summer days.

Woking is only a short journey from London and its boroughs, making it an ideal day trip destination for London-based families.

In this article, we explore the attractions and activities that Woking has to offer for kids over Easter, half-terms, and Summer holidays.

Summer Holiday Activities for Kids in Woking

First, we’ll share with you the exciting Summer holiday activities available to children in Woking. Due to the warmer weather and later nights, these activities tend to be more outdoor-focused.


Alpha Road Playing Fields

The Alpha Road Playing Fields is the perfect place to take your sporty kids to enjoy outdoor activities in the summer sun. There are many ways to spend time on the playing fields, including:

Junior Football Pitches

There are 2 junior football pitches at the Alpha Road Playing Fields, making this spot ideal for a spot of 5-a-side with your children and their friends.

Sports Pavilion

For summer days when the weather isn’t on your side, consider booking out the sports pavilion. This space is ideal for all sorts of indoor activities, so you can get the kids out of the house but still enjoy the day away from the poor weather.

Multi-use games area

This space is reserved for any kids’ activities, and is perfect for getting them involved in sports like cricket.


For families visiting by train, it’s a 23-minute walk from Woking station.

Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf - 4.5 Stars on Google

Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf is a fantastic spot for a sunny summer’s day. At this crazy golf course, children can improve their hand-eye coordination and puzzle-solving skills.

Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf

Mr Mulligan’s Crazy Golf is open all year round and open to children aged 3 and upwards. Kids can enjoy up to 18 holes of pirate-themed fun, and it is the ideal space for a birthday party, with food and drinks available on-site.


This adventure golf course is only a 6-minute drive from Central Woking. Walkers from the train station will reach the adventure golf course in 32 minutes.


St John’s Lye Park & Garden - 4.4 Stars on Google

St John’s Lye Park & Garden is ideal for children. This large green space has plenty to offer, and plays host to one of Woking’s most exciting Summer events.

Children’s playground

Small children will enjoy the equipment in the play area. This is a great spot for them to burn off some energy and play with their friends in a safe environment.

Large Green space

The large green space open to all at St John’s Lye Park & Garden is perfect for taking the kids out for a picnic during the summer. It’s also the perfect place for a spot of football, cricket, or frisbee.

St. John’s Village Fête

The St John’s summer village fête, hosted by the 1st St John’s Scout Group, has a range of fun activities for kids and parents alike, including:

  • Live Music
  • Bouncy Castles
  • A BBQ and refreshments
  • Kids games
  • Stalls


Reaching St John’s Lye Park & Garden is much easier by public transport or car. From Woking station, the number 34 or number 28 bus can get you to the park in 17 minutes. By car, the same journey lasts only 9 minutes.

The Woking Library - 4.5 Stars on Google

The Woking Library is one of the few locations that appears twice on this list. That’s because it hosts a range of exciting activities to keep kids entertained in the summer holidays, as well as Easter and half-terms. 

Be sure to check Woking Library in the Easter and Half-Term Holiday Activities section further below. You'll get a good idea of the indoor events the library hosts for children of all ages.

The Woking Library Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is a great way to introduce children to new and engaging stories. The challenge was set up to inspire children to build their skills and confidence in reading. Special stickers and other rewards are given as prizes to kids taking part.

This challenge aims to get children to read six books from the library over the Summer holidays. All Surrey libraries take part, and it's a great way to keep kids learning and engaged with reading.


If you’re travelling by train, Woking Library is easily accessible on foot, and is only 7 minutes away from the Train Station.



RHS Garden Wisley - 4.7 Stars on Google

Another location that appears twice and has plenty to offer. The RHS Garden Wisley is all about creating opportunities to learn and get closer to nature. 

The Grand Bug & Pest Hotel Hunt family trail

The Grand Bug & Pest Hotel Hunt family trail is a great way to spend the afternoon during the summer holiday. 

In this mini-adventure, kids will follow the bugs using the augmented reality app on the bug-hunt page. Once you have that ready, look out for Lloyd the housefly, and other bugs.

Get involved

At RHS Garden Wisley there are many chances to get kids involved with looking after the garden. 

This is a great way to introduce children to the physical and mental benefits of working in nature. It also offers amazing opportunities for them to learn new skills.


It is strongly recommended that families drive out to RHS Garden Wisley, which is a 13-minute drive from the train station.

Easter and Half-Term Holiday Activities for Kids in Woking


Woking has plenty of locations that provide activities for Easter and half-terms, too. The below activities include a range of indoor fun, as well as Easter-specific events.



The Lightbox - 4.4 Stars on Google

The Lightbox is a museum and art gallery based in central Woking, and is well known for putting on a range of activities throughout the year. These engaging activities are perfect for kids over the Easter holidays and half-term.

Activities include everything from exhibitions and workshops to wider events. Check out some ideal indoor activities at Lightbox for children below:

Mini Painters (Children Under 5)

Mini Painters is on most months, and is an opportunity for children under 5 to have a lot of messy fun. These painting sessions also help children to develop sensory and fine motor skills. 

Young Creatives (For Children and Teenagers aged 11-16)

Young creatives provide a great opportunity for 11-16 year-olds to practise painting, and art in other forms. The workshop offers the opportunity to practise colour mixing, and is ideal for learning how to create with other types of material. 

Young people will also find it a great opportunity to make new friends with similar interests.

Relaxed Opening (Kids and families with communication or sensory conditions)

The relaxed opening at the Lightbox is designed for anyone with communication or sensory conditions. This is a great opportunity to explore the museum and introduce kids to art and history without them becoming overstimulated.


For those travelling to Woking by train, the Lightbox is a simple 9-minute walk from the station and past some of Woking’s most popular cafés and shops.


Woking Library - 4.5 Stars on Google

Woking Library is a stunning location to take kids with a passion for stories. The library hosts regular children's activities throughout the year, and is the ideal spot for keeping them entertained on those rainy days during Easter and half-terms.

Book Readings

Keep an eye on Woking Library’s Events page, where you cany find book readings from popular children’s book authors. This is a great way to introduce children to new books, or have their favourite books read by someone other than mum or dad!

Rhymetime and Storytime (for children ages 4–8 years old)

Rhymetime and Storytime are ideal activities for young children, and are great ways to keep them entertained and relaxed. Both Rhymetime and Storytime are on every week at Woking Library.

British Sign Language Storytime (for children aged 0-10 years)

These sessions involve one person reading the book, and another person signing alongside.

Lego Club (for children ages 6-11 years old)

Lego Club is ideal for developing the motor skills and creative thinking of primary school-aged children. Each session has its own theme, and kids will enjoy working in teams to build something fun.

For children aged 5 years and under, Duplo Corner is available.

Craft time with Tracy (For children ages 4 and above)

Craft time with Tracy offers a great opportunity for kids to create something new and colourful. Prepare for lots of new artwork on the fridge!


Access to the library is a simple 7-minute walk through central Woking.

Gordon Ramsay Academy - 4.8 Stars on Google

The Gordon Ramsay Academy is a great place to introduce children to the joys of cooking.

Cook Together Classes (for children aged 6-15)

The Junior Cook Together Classes at the Gordon Ramsay Academy are a fantastic way to teach children how to cook many exciting dishes. Classes will see kids cooking Noodles and Brownies, Mexican and Cookies, and movie night treats.

Cooking classes are also set for special days of the year, including Father's Day and Mother's Day.


To reach the Gordon Ramsay Academy, families will enjoy a gentle 4-minute walk from Woking Station.


RHS Garden Wisley - 4.7 Stars on Google

The RHS Garden Wisley is a beautiful spot for kids to enjoy nature. It’s also well-known for its indoor and outdoor Easter holiday activities.

RHS Garden Wisley Easter Egg Hunt

The RHS Garden Wisley Easter Egg Hunt is a great way to get kids working together on Easter to find all the eggs. Once the eggs are all recovered, all the kids will receive a Nomo Easter Egg, so even kids with allergies can enjoy them.

Arts, Crafts, and Seed Planting (For children aged 3 and over)

Take the kids out to a craft session at the Clore Learning Centre. At the craft sessions, they’ll have the chance to play with a range of materials. 

They’ll also have fun planting their own seeds, which they can take home and nurture.


As mentioned above, be sure to drive out to the RHS Garden Wisley, which is 13 minutes from Woking Station.


Holiday Activity Camps for ages 4-14 in Woking


Looking for ways to keep your children engaged during the Easter and Summer holidays? Look no further than our Ultimate Adventure Camps.

Our Woking Easter and Summer Camp offers a host of indoor and outdoor activities to keep kids learning and having fun. These activities include swimming, tennis, archery, and even zorbing.

What can your children learn at our Woking Activity Camp?

By offering such a wide range of activities, we aim to help children develop new skills, such as:

  • Physical fitness
  • Independence
  • Teamwork
  • And more!

We also offer different camp types across our many UK locations.

At the Woking Camp, children can enjoy both Ultimate Activity and Ultimate Tech days.

Across our other locations, we also offer:

  • Ultimate Survival - Teaching kids useful outdoor skills.
  • Ultimate Sports - Helping kids improve their skills in 5 different sports.
  • Ultimate English - Where non-native speakers can learn English with other children their age.
  • Ultimate Residential - Weeklong activity camps where kids can learn new skills, build confidence, and make new friends.

What facilities are available at the camp?

Children taking part in our Woking Ultimate Adventure Camp can enjoy a range of facilities, including:

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool (Summer only)
  • Astro Turf Pitch
  • Theatre
  • Sports Hall
  • Outdoor Field Space

Making childcare stress-free

We are dedicated to making childcare stress-free, by offering regular camp days during Easter, half-terms, and summer holidays across many UK locations. This helps parents to balance the load, so they can continue to work or perform other tasks happy in the knowledge their child is entertained and engaged throughout the day.

Parents can also rest assured knowing that their children are in safe hands. Our staff are all highly qualified, and consider best safeguarding practices their highest priority.

We also accept Childcare vouchers at every one of our camps.

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