Activities for 6-7 Years

Ultimate Activity Camps for 6 to 7 year olds

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Ultimate Activity Camps for 6 to 7 year olds

6 - 7 Year Old Holiday Activites

Participation and enjoyment

With a hunger to try new activities and more energy, 6-7 year olds have a day camp programme of great activities that focus on physical coordination, participation and enjoyment. With an exciting mix of games, sports and art activities, every day is structured to give children the chance to learn try new activities and creative sessions, with games in-between to burn off some of their boundless energy! As well as providing safe activities and experienced staff, our activities encourages the physical welfare of children. Click here for details about how we ensure your child's welfare while in our care.

Try new activities

To ensure children receive high levels of care and instruction on each activity, there’s 1 member of staff to a maximum of 14 children, although the camp average is 1 to 8. Each week there’s a massive range of different activities from swimming and crafts, to fencing and inflatables. Spread over 6 sessions each day lasting 50 minutes – long enough to have a really good try at activities. Ultimate Inflatables are rotated around all locations to ensure that it is available each week for children, but not every day. See below for sample timetable.

Here's a sample daily timetable - activities change every day!

6 - 7 years timetable

* Activity not available at all locations. Please visit your chosen location page for details

Activities for 6-7 year olds - fresh air fun!

Below is a list of the activities that children aged 6-7 years will find on an Ultimate Activity Camp - due to location facilities, some activities may not be available at all locations - check locations pages for full details of activities available. 

A - Z of Activities (6 - 7 Years)

A-Z List of Ultimate Activities for age 6-7 years

Adventure Playground*




Survival Lite (6+): Fire Making*





Survival Lite (6+): Shelter Building*





Survival Lite (6+): Camouflage and Concealment*





Survival Lite (6+): Wilderness First Aid*






Danish Longball (6+)




Tag Rugby (6+)

Escape & Evasion (6+)




Tee Ball (Mini Rounders - 8)






Kwik Cricket





Mini Basketball (-8)




Tri-Golf (6+)

Mini Olympics (-8)




Ultimate Art: Paper Craft

Move & Groove (-8)




Ultimate Art: Collage

Nature Trail (-8)




Ultimate Art: Painting





Ultimate Art: Mask Making

Olympic Challenge 




Ultimate Art: Modelling

Pedal Karts (6+)




Ultimate Art: Outdoor Art

Roller Races (-8)




Ultimate Art: Outdoor Art





Ultimate Dodgeball 





Ultimate Inflatables (-8)*





Ultimate Team Games (6+)





Yoga (-8)

*Activities vary by location - please check your location for details or give our team a call!


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