Ultimate Activity Camps 'Junior' for 4 to 5 year olds

Fun and care for 4 to 5 year olds

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Ultimate Activity Camps - 4 to 5 year olds

Lots of care, lots of fun!

For children aged 4-5 years, we have developed a specific activity-based day camp programme that’s led by Early Years qualified staff to ensure children are well looked after and receive age-appropriate care - and of course, have lots of fun! With 1 member of staff for a maximum of 8 children, Juniors get the attentive care they need, and for familiarity and reassurance they’ll only have one group leader through the week. As well as providing safe activities and experienced staff, our activities encourages the physical and social welfare of children. Click here for details about how we ensure your child's welfare while in our care.

Variety and their own space

Junior camps are run as separate, smaller camps to the older children with their own space and equipment that’s tailored to their needs. We know Juniors like to have fun and try new things, but we also know they need more down-time to rebuild their energy reserves. The Junior timetable alternates between energetic and quieter sessions, with the emphasis on care and stimulating them through variety. Each week there’s a huge range of activities spread over 28 sessions lasting 50 minutes.

Activities for 4-5 year olds - fresh air fun!

Below is a list of the activities that children aged 4-5 years may find on an Ultimate Activity Camp - due to location facilities, some activities may not be available at all locations - check locations pages for full details of activities available. Ultimate Inflatables are rotated around all locations to ensure that it is available each week for children, but not every day.

Here's a sample daily timetable - activities change every day and week!

4-5 year old timetable


Drama & Music



Adventure Playground*

Rookie Camp Games


Art - Culture

Parachute Games

Beat Box


Art - Seasonal

Base room Activities

Cat and Mouse

Football Frenzy

Art - Masterclass

Indiana Jones

Duck, Duck, Goose

Mini Olympics

Food Craft


Hide and Seek

Mini Tennis

Outdoor Art

Instructor Hunt

Red Light, Green Light

Aim High Netball


Scavenger Hunt Missions

Rock, Paper and Scissors: Evolution



Roller Racers

Rock, Paper and Scissors: Posse




Simon Says

Tee Ball


Escape and Evasion

Two Truths, One Lie



Treasure Hunt

Wink Murder

Ultimate Dodgeball


Dutch Auction

Beat the Bunny



Ultimate Inflatables *

Catch, Don't Catch



Nature Trail

Helium Hula Hoop



Capture the Flag

Pass the Water




Move and Groove




Dancing Challenges








Movement to Music




Story Adventure



*Not available at all locations - check locations pages for full details of activities available