Reading Resources 2024

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In the United Kingdom, fostering a love for reading among children is a paramount endeavor, laying the foundation for lifelong learning and imagination. With a rich literary heritage and a commitment to nurturing young minds, the UK market and educational industry offers a plethora of reading resources tailored specifically for children. 

From enchanting storybooks to interactive digital platforms, these resources not only aim to enhance literacy skills but also ignite a passion for exploration and creativity. In this diverse landscape of literary offerings, children can embark on a delightful journey through captivating tales and educational adventures, shaping their cognitive development and cultural awareness. Joining forces with schools, libraries, and community initiatives, these reading resources contribute to the holistic growth of young readers, fostering a nation of articulate and imaginative individuals.

1. Reading for Ages 4-5 years 

2. Reading for Ages 6-7 Years 

3. Reading for Ages 8-9 Years 

4. Reading for Ages 10+ 

5. School Reading List Spring 2024: 

6. World Book Day 2024,at%20the%20National%20Literacy%20Trust! 

7. Book Trust - UK's leading children's reading charity 

8. Find your local library 

9. The Summer Reading Challenge 

10. BBC Bitesize 

11. Penguin: Helping your child learn to read 

12. Books for KS2 Learners (Age 7-11 years) 

13. Scholastics Home Learning Resources: 

14. Twinkl: Reading at Home Resource Pack for Parents