We've Reduced Our Carbon Footprint

We are proud to announce that we have achieved Planet Mark Business Certification for the second year. Thank you to everyone across the organisation who has helped us to achieve this certification for a consecutive year. By implementing sustainable solutions across the whole business, we have achieved 

A 5.6% reduction in carbon per employee!

Each and every one of our staff has helped us retain our Planet Mark Business Certification as we can only recertify by reducing our emissions. Looking ahead, the whole team will continue to play a vital role in our commitment to supporting a healthier planet and we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas to help us drive further emissions cuts with Ultimate Activity Camps. We are excited to continue this positive momentum and hope that we can empower our community, industry and stakeholders to join us in this movement of change. 

You can learn more about Planet Mark via their social media platforms below: 

Facebook: facebook.com/ThePlanetMark 
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/theplanetmark 
Twitter: twitter.com/ThePlanetMark 
Instagram: Instagram.com/theplanetmark